The Wyoming Beer Trail featured in Casper Journal Father's Day Gift Guide

Something special for dad

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June 13, 2017

There don’t seem to be as many go-to Father’s Day gifts, like the flowers or brunches that are big sellers for Mother’s Day.

It’s easy to go generic, with a “No. 1 Dad” grilling apron or a new toolbox. Tools, sports and grilling equipment may be the perfect gift, if he’s into those pursuits and needs an upgrade.

But a thoughtful gift catering to his interests and hobbies, whether it’s the great outdoors, sports, video games, model airplanes, books or cold craft beer, is a great way to show appreciation.

Nothing shows what your dad means to you like spending time and sharing a hobby with him.

Father’s Day is a perfect time of year for an adventure with Dad. Maybe he’d like to go out fishing, to dinner at his favorite restaurant or even try breweries around Wyoming on a road trip.

If you still don’t know what to get him, check out this gift guide to get your ideas flowing and maybe find a perfect fit.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Wyoming Pride

For the dad who likes to show his pride for the Cowboy State, WyoMade Apparel & Craft Goods offers an array of options. Owner Laura Nickerson suggests caps designed in-house with state motifs and colors.

The downtown shop’s stock of unique glassware includes glasses made from Wyoming Whisky distillery bottles and decorated with a Steamboat design.

Or you could get your dad a Wyoming Beer Trail shirt to wear on a trip with you to visit Wyoming’s array of breweries. If that sounds up his alley, see below to start your Wyoming Beer Trail journey with dad.

Follow the beer

The Wyoming Beer Trail is a website and app with all the information you need to visit Wyoming’s more than two dozen craft breweries. The project, created by local craft brewing enthusiast John Giantonio, provides information about each with a GPS function to plan your route or find the nearest brewery.

More people are making beer a part of their vacations, or even taking a “beercation” with the focus to try beers, including the great variety in Wyoming, Giantonio said. You can visit Wyoming’s best travel destinations from the largest cities and tourist draws to charming small towns, and take time to sample Wyoming’s unique brews together. For information, go to


If your dad loves to fish, your gift can be as simple as a day on the water with him. You can pair the outing with a gift like a sling pack from Ugly Bug Fly Shop, which can be a nice upgrade from a bulky vest, a shop employee said. Sales associate Alec Bacon also recommends guided float trips, which can be booked at the shop. Half or full days are available and include food, gear and personal instruction on the best fishing spots.


Fishing is a relaxing way to get out and enjoy some fresh air, outdoor enthusiast Brian Woodward said. He manages Rocky Mountain Discount Sports, which sells a variety of fishing and other outdoor equipment. The Casper area is home to world-class fishing, so you don’t have to go far. Local trout enjoy a great reputation, but walleye fishing in the area is phenomenal and is his favorite kind for the extra challenge, Woodward said.

In fact, he’ll spend Father’s Day weekend with his family at the Walleye Stampede, a competition circuit he runs that’s open to any teams of two, 18 and up. Especially with a college kid home for the summer, his favorite Father’s Day gift is “just spending time with family,” he said.

Cold beer & grill

Summertime means cold beer and grilling for many dads, and Father’s Day weekend is one of the best times to enjoy a backyard cookout with yours.

If your dad needs an upgrade or new accessories, Keyhole Outdoor Living has its best prices of the year on grills. Built-in, cart models and travel grills all are available. The business also has Father’s Day gift baskets ready for pickup with grilling accessories and spices, or staff members can create a custom basket by budget or supplies needed, store manager Amanda Hagan said.

Cold beer pairs perfectly with grilled food on a summer day. Wyoming Bootlegger Liquor is a new downtown area business that has you covered with several harder-to-find options. Owner Tim Walters recommends refreshing Belgian Ales including Barista Belgian Ale with chocolate or coffee notes and Kasteel Rouge, which has a light cherry flavor.

Walters comes from an Italian family more into wine, and he enjoys one called Cantina Zaccagnini, which exhibits three or four distinct flavors, he said.

“Its kind of like a roller coaster as you go through the different flavors,” he said.

The shop also sells a variety of liquors and features a tasting area, so you can bring your dad in to try some and surprise him with a bottle of his new favorite for Father’s Day.

A memorable gift

If you’re looking for a special gift for Father’s Day, lighter straw cowboy hats from Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters are summertime classics. The downtown shop sells an array of hats for every style — even leather steampunk hats if that suits his taste better. Owner Lou Taubert Jr. also recommends leather and canvas luggage, shaving kits and intricate leather-work items for a special Father’s Day gift.

The great outdoors

Local sports equipment stores like Rocky Mountain Discount Sports carry what you need for a outdoor adventures. Casper store manager Brian Woodward pointed out digital GPS gadgets, binoculars, grills and knives. One gift option he recommends is a can cooker, which isn’t expensive and can cook meat and side dishes at the same time over open flame. Recipe books are also available, and he’s been impressed with what some of his friends have cooked with it. Pair a camping or outdoor adventure gift with a real-life trek with your dad for a Father’s Day neither of you will forget.

Frame a memory

Showcase your dad’s favorite memories and prized collections in a frame. A favorite family picture, signed baseball memorabilia and concert posters look great on the wall at home or the office.

Goedicke’s Custom Framing & Art Supply offers supplies for the artistically inclined, but the business also has been creating custom frames since it opened 65 years ago. The business can create all sizes of frames and shadow boxes for photos, art, posters, signed sports memorabilia, T-shirts and just about anything else you’d want to frame, owner Claire Marlow said. A recent customer even had a fossil framed.

Be sure to check framing timelines with the frame shop before making your gift plans. Maybe after your Father’s Day adventure, you’ll want to frame a photo or souvenir for him to remember all year.